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Power Bar Protein Plus Recovery Choc, 1200g

Code: POW-24430233

PowerBar Protein Plus Recovery is great for Post Workout Body Fuel Replenishment.

*Post exercise
*When fast recovery is paramount, protein plus is what your body needs.
*Formulated with extensive feedback from the t-mobile professional racing team, protein plus uses powerbar's ?trisource? blend. this is a unique combination of fast and slow acting proteins, delivering the ultimate mix of protein, carbohydrates and amino acids for rapid recovery and muscle regeneration.
*Protein plus mixes quickly and smoothly with either water or milk, is quick to digest and tastes fabulous. Ingredients Skimmed milk powder, dried glucosesyrup, sugar, fat-reduced cocoa powder (4%) whey protein (2,9%), soya protein (2,6%), calcium caseinate (2,5%), vitamins (C, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, riboflavin, thiamin, folic acid, biotin, B12), magnesium phosphate (1435mg/100g), L-glutamine (500mg/100g), calcium phosphate (254mg/100g), calcium citrate (119mg/100g), zinc gluconate (33,4mg/100g), copper-II-gluconate (6,4mg/100g), sodium selenite (0,04mg/100g), flavouring (with milk), chromium-III-chlorid (0,14mg/100g), cinnamon. Traces: Celery, gluten.


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